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Handmade Pasta Recipes Workshop & Cookbook: Tips & Tricks for Making Pasta by Hand, with Perfectly Paired Sauces

Handmade Pasta Recipes

Create your own pasta using simple and clear step-by-step instructions through 80 incredible handmade pasta recipes, each with its own photo. As more people look to create a restaurant experience at home, readers will be surprised at how easy it is to make their favorite pasta dough and take their cooking to the next level with Nicole Karr, whose popular classes and pop up restaurants sell out in a flash in Brooklyn, New York.

Whether you choose the handmade pasta option or have a pasta-making machine, there is something for everyone. Just one bite of fresh pasta and readers will never want to buy premade pasta again. Nicole complements the fresh taste of handmade pasta with creative and delicious recipes for sauces to round out the meal. Impress your family and friends with fresh handmade pasta dishes that are unique in flavor and presentation and fun to make.


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