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December 30


Low Carb Pasta Brands Worth Checking Out

By Webmaster

December 30, 2019

If  you love a good pasta dish but have some health concerns you may want to explore some low carb pasta brands with products that can please your pallete without creating or adding to any health risks.

In truth, many more traditional pasta offerings can add a lot of calories and also provide little nutrtional value. This might be a
main reason for studies that show the popularity of pasta is in decline – even in Italy.

A recent Mintel Report study concludes “that almost one quarter (23%) of Italians say they are limiting the amount of pasta in their diet for health reasons, rising to 28% of those aged 55 and over.”

All is not lost. There are now a number of low carb pasta brands that can provide a healthy alternative without sacrificing taste.

Here’s a list of popular Low Carb Pasta Brands Worth A Look

Fiber Gourmet*
Miracle Noodle
Explore Cuisine
365 Everyday Value
Well Lean
Skinny Noodles
Wonder Noodles

It’s probably safe to say that a low carb pasta alternative is not for everyone. But if you check out some of the reviews for these products
you might be in for a surprise.

Here’s an excerpt from a devoted Barilla devotee:

“I’m a pastaholic and could eat it every day of the week, so the fact that this pasta, in addition to the great taste Barilla is known for, it has protein and additional nutrients, which both aids in nutrition as well as allowing you to feel fuller sooner, making it easier to eat less yet feel full. Best of all, it’s not really that much more costly than the regular pasta.”

If you are interested in a tasty yet healthier alternative to more traditional fare than these low carb pasta brands are considered the top of the line.

For some recipe ideas check out Keto Pasta Cookbook: Simple, Cheap & Delicious Homemade Low Carb Pasta Recipes From Spaghetti to Noodles

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*Fiber Gourmet and Barilla are Amazon Best Sellers at this the time of this writing.

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