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July 18


Simple Guide to Making Pasta Salad

By Webmaster

July 18, 2020

Making pasta salad is probably one of the easiest culinary arts you can master. All that’s required is some dressing, veggies, maybe some leftovers and, of course, the pasta.

If you are unsure about the type of pasta to use you can get an idea by checking out Amazon’s Pasta Products. Once you have your choice in hand, all you need to do is cook and cool. The added ingredients can come directly from your fridge.

Making Pasta Salad Ideas

Making Pasta Salad With Seafood or Meat

Ham, chicken, beef or pepperoni are good examples ofv what will help make a delicious pasta salad. In fact, any leftovers or freshly cooked fare will do as well as pork, chicken or any other variety of canned meat.

Seafood is also a popular choice. Here, too, the ingredients can be canned or freshly cooked. Shrimp, tuna or salmon are the most common selections but crab, scallops, oysters, clams and even sardines can serve just as well. Pollock is also a favorite for those on a budget.

Making Pasta Salad With Added Cheese

Parmesan cheese is a favorite addition when making pasta salad, but your favorite cheese will serve just as well. Cubed, grated or sliced are all possibilities and cheese decoration can make the salad even more appetizing in appearance.

Many pasta salads will use a cheesy dressing like Blue Cheese and a Macaroni and Cheese Mix can make for a delicious pasta salad and save some cooking time as well.

Making Pasta Salad With Vegetables

Raw or cooked tomatoes, spinach, carrots, onions, cauliflower, celery, peppers, broccoli,, cucumber, etc. are all ideal vegetables to add to a pasta salad. To cook veggies you can add them to your pot of partially cooked pasta. Cucumbers and tomatoes are usually preferred raw.

Making Pasta Salad With a Delicious Dressing

Store-bought or homemade dressing can be added as you prefer. Either a traditional oil and vinegar mix or creamy style will work for wonders in making your pasta salad a delicious treat.

A favorite homemade creamy dressing recipe includes yogurt or mayonnaise with ¼ cup of vinegar, wine, lime or lemon juice. Add spice and/or salt and pepper to taste. Prefer store-bought? You can check out a selection here…

Adding Spices When Making Pasta Salad

Adding spices to your pasta salad should be applied with care. A clove of garlic is a frequent choice and some sliced olives are popular as well. Salt & pepper, basil, oregano, basil, curry and thyme are also favorites.


Now that you have decided on your ingredients and chosen a preferred style of pasta it’s time for cooking. The boiling time and other directions on the package should guide you all the way. 8-10 minutes cooking time standard.

Once the pasta is drained in a colander you should rinse with cold water and set aside to cool before adding your chosen ingredients. Your preferred dressing should be added last.

For some great ideas for making pasta salad check out recommended pasta recipe books like 50 Great Pasta Salad Recipes and The Easy Pasta Salad Cookbook.

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