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The Vegetarian Pasta Cookbook



Do you know someone who doesn‘t like pasta? I don‘t think so! The Vegetarian Pasta Cookbook is dedicated to all the vegetarian pasta fans out there and lets their hearts smile with joy with four lovingly designed chapters!

Because we all know that home-cooked tastes best, the first chapter will teach you how to make pasta yourself. With great recipes for basic pasta dough, to stuffed pasta and gnocchi. From egg pasta to gluten-free recipes, from dyeing pasta to aromatizing it – everything is included! Then you dive straight into the saucy pleasures with the second chapter – with recipes for the most important Italian sauce classics and what pasta to best pair them with. The book continues with unusual pesto recipes and concludes with great pasta dishes.

From fruity to creamy, Italian to American, from the pot, the pan or the oven – the fourth chapter thought of everything! All recipes are easy to cook – with ingredients that you get in every supermarket. Therefore, this cookbook is also suitable for inexperienced pasta fans and friends of fast & easy cooking! Buon appetito

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